• Maintaining a Database-per-branch for Django Development

    When you are doing development on multiple branches in parallel, a simple git checkout will update your code to match any branch you like. But unfortunately, if you’re connecting to a database whose schema is different on each branch, there’s a disconnect that causes a lot of problems. Read more »

  • Introducing django-bulk-sync

    django-bulk-sync is a package to support the Django ORM that synthesizes the concepts of bulk_create, bulk_update, and delete into a single call: bulk_sync(). Read more »

  • The most useful under-used feature of email

    When I set up this blog, I listed my email address with a + tag in it — a habit I’ve acquired. But I found that the + generated more questions than my blog posts! And, I thought, hey, blogs are for answering questions, so… read on! Read more »

  • Optimizing slow Django REST Framework performance

    The Django REST Framework allows Django developers to build simple yet robust standards-based REST APIs for their applications. We’ve used it successfully on a number of Django web design projects. However, even seemingly simple, straightforward usage of the Django REST Framework and its nested serializers can kill performance of your API endpoints. And that matters: if your web server is wasting its time inefficiently responding to a REST API call, it will drag the rest of the server’s responsiveness down with it. Read more »

  • A TortoiseGit Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3

    I just released a plugin for Sublime Text that allows easy access to the most common (for me, anyway) TortoiseGit GUI windows. Read more »

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